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System Purpose/Goals/Objectives


See previous post on Goals and Objectives.

Example: Global e-learning company.

System definition: Provide distance learning throughout the world and some fixed site learning in the UK. It will use online materials and provide tutor support to students.

In analysis of system, we should question our assumptions and ensure that what we think the system is actually is correct in reality.

Goals/Objectives (including but exclusively):

  • Support defined set of courses
  • Provide robust distance-learning infrastructure
  • Deliver defined level of quality
  • Recruitment of defined number of students
  • Produce a profit
  • Build long term relationship with students and tutors

Above goals/objectives drive system inputs, transformations and outputs. Also they help define system boundary and environment.

Although fixed site learning was mentioned in the system definition, we shall ignore this as it is a different system.

The definition produces a simple black box.

Input -> Transformation -> Output

Students -> Quality education -> Happy, qualified students

Further analysis is required to obtain more detail.

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