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Evolution of Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop reached version 8 in 2003.

Then packaged with other apps in Adobe Creative Suite (CS).

CS6 is 13th full release.

Some new features added when rebranding from Photoshop to CS include:

  • smart guides
  • lens blur filter
  • match colour command
  • Macrovision copy protection (based on DRM technology)
  • scripting support for JavaScript
  • supporting 2Gb file

CS2 version included:

  • smart objects
  • image warp
  • red-eye tool
  • lens correction filter
  • high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) support

CS3 included:

  • revised user interface
  • black and white conversion adjustment
  • auto align and auto blend
  • smart filters

CS4 included:

  • adjustments panel
  • auto-blending of images
  • masks panel
  • auto-alignment of layers
  • new file management and workspaces with Adobe Bridge CS4

CS5.5 included:

  • content aware fill
  • puppet warp tool
  • mixer brush
  • automatic lens correction
  • improved selection and masking controls


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