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Collecting the Right Information


Need to record the appropriate information about the source during research.

  • Books
    • The author’s or editor’s name (or names)
    • The year the book was published
    • The title of the book
    • If it is an edition other than the first
    • The city the book was published in
    • The name of the publisher
  • Journals
    • The author’s name or names
    • The year in which the journal was published
    • The title of the article
    • The title of the journal
    • The page number/s of the article in the journal
    • As much other information as you can find about the journal, for example the volume and issue numbers
  • Electronic Sources
    • As much from the above list as possible, plus
    • The date you accessed the source
    • The electronic address or email
    • The type of electronic resource (email, discussion forum, www. page, etc)

If using direct quotes or paraphrasing the author, try and note down the page number(s) with the original text.


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