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Sample Papers


The following show how a research project has progressed from the initial idea through to implementation:

  • New idea
    • Paper: AODV protocol (Perkins & Royer, 1999)
    • Publication: Perkins, C.E., Royer, E.M. (1999), Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing, 2nd IEEE
      Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications, New Orleans, pp90-100
  • Experiment
    • Paper: Simulation comparison of AODV with DSR (Das, Perkins & Royer, 2000)
    • Publication: Das, S.R., Perkins, C.E., Royer, E.M. (2000), Performance comparison of two On-demand
      Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks, IEEE Conference on Computer Communications
      (INFOCOM), Tel Aviv, Israel, pp3-12
  • Implementation
    • Paper: Getting AODV working on Linux (Chakeres & Royer, 2004)
    • Publication: Chakeres, I.D., Belding-Royer, E.M. [2004], AODV Routing Protocol Implementation Design,
      Proceedings of International Workshop on Wireless Ad Hoc Networking (WNAN), Tokyo

If a paper were covered in review, it would be cited within text e.g. (Perkins & Royer, 1999) and listed in the references section. Harvard referencing, required for RDI/Arden University assignments.

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