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Aspects of the Literature Review


Should be well-argued & critical evaluation of particular subject.

Should show width and depth of reading relevant and appropriate literature. Not sufficient to read two or three papers. Remember triangulation.

Should focus clearly on particular issue being looked at.

Should learn a lot about subject and will help give clearer focus on questions to ask.

Should be coherent piece of work that could stand alone. Tell story of topic being investigated, leading reader through analysis and arguments for/against hypothesis in sensible way.

Part of evidence base. Needs references.

Ongoing piece of work continuing until submission of dissertation. Recent published work should be included.

Link own research findings to literature adding support to existing theories.

Criticality is important. Do not just repeat or report what others have written. Evaluate each item discussed.

Do not do literature review one paper at a time, won’t be critical. Read more and build notes as to what they have in common and where they disagree.

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