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Research Activity 04


Looking at the two research examples again (tracking Ospreys and Tim Berners-Lee), what research questions are they trying to answer? Have they found their answers yet? What related questions are now being researched or could be researched in the future?

Osprey tracking

I think the research questions may be “Where do the Ospreys go when they migrate?”, “Do the Ospreys have a shared flight path?”.

They have gone somewhere to answering the the questions in that they have identified a number of destinations that the Ospreys migrate to although there is not one definitive location. With regards to the shared flight path, I think the answer to that question would be no – part of the Ospreys route may overlap with others but there is a reasonable deal of variation even in terms of how they travel down the UK.

Perhaps further questions could include “Are there similarities in route travelled by single Ospreys compared to routes travelled by Osprey pairs?”, “Why do some Ospreys not travel so far as others?”.

Tim Berners-Lee

Initially Tim may have thought “Can I make it easier to retrieve information from all these documents?” and “Is it possible to link related documents that are on different computers?”. The answers to these two questions is “yes”, Berners-Lee was able to use hypertext and created a web server and browser in order to link documents from different places.

Relative questions now being asked include “How can we make online content richer?” and “How can we make browsing the web safer and more secure?”.

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