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ITU-T’s (International Telecommunications Union) standard – vendors need to comply to supply VoIP.

Encompasses point to point communications & multipoint conferences.

Consists of four components:

  • Terminals
    • Endpoint host systems providing real time, two way comms.
    • Can communicate with another H.323 terminal, H.323 gateway or MCU.
  • Gateways
    • Endpoint providing communication between terminal or another gateway.
    • Translates transmission formats e.g audio an dvideo codes.
    • Interface between network & Internet.
  • Gatekeepers
    • Central point
    • Manages calls within it’s zone.
    • Translates alias address to transport address, grants/denies access based on call authorisation, source or destination address or other criteria.
    • Supports bandwidth and call management
  • MCUs (Multipoint Control Units)
    • Provides capability for three or more terminals & gateways to participate in multipoint conference by multiplexing audio, video and data.



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