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Stages of systematic recruitment


Stages of systematic recruitment process:

  1. Job analysis
    • Identify what the job is, duties, reporting lines, skills & attributes required plus remuneration.
  2. Job description
    • Description of the job, contains competency check list.
  3. Person specification
    • Required/desired qualities of the applicant – education, experience etc.
  4. Application process
    • Process will depend on job to be filled and the organisation. May be advertised internally and or externally, in publications, on websites or via agencies.
  5. Match applicants against job description & person spec.
    • Compare the applicants against the job description and person spec to find the best matches.
  6. Selection
    • Method of selection may depend on job to be filled. Selection carries a cost to organisation. Process may involve interviews, assessments, presentations, testing.
  7. Offer
    • Formal letter issued to selected candidate. References taken up. Offer revoked if references are not suitable.
  8. Induction
    • Takes place when employee starts job. Type of induction depends on job and employee. Often covers organisational processes as well as job-related matter.
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