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Centralised and Decentralised I.T. Departments


Advantages/disadvantages to both ways of organising I.T. departments.

Advantages of a centralised department:

  • Clear, top down management control & communication
  • Maximise efficiency of skilled & specialised resources
  • Centralised processes, procedures & standards
  • Economies of scale in purchasing hardware & software

Disadvantages of a centralised department:

  • Lack of flexibility to respond
  • Lack of individual support to end users

Advantages of a decentralised department:

  • Individual support for end users
  • I.T. closer to business units – able to gain intelligence about organisation
  • Development of I.T. staff
  • Flexibility to respond

Disadvantages of a decentralised department:

  • Inefficient use of skilled/specialist resources
  • I.T. staff may “go native”
  • Loss of economies of scale
  • Lack of adherence to departmental processes, procedures and standards
  • Loner and varied communication chain
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