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ORA-00600: internal error code


When shutting down the database, I encountered the following:

SQL> shutdown immediate
Database closed.
Database dismounted.
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [LibraryCacheNotEmptyOnClose], [], [], [], [], [], [], []


The cause of the error is that there are still objects in the library cache when the database shutdowns. The database is fine; there is no damage to or problem with the system.


Bug 4483084 is fixed in, the error can be safely ignored as it does not indicate a problem with the database. A work around to avoid the problem, or if the database appears hung on shutdown, is as follows:

shutdown abort
startup restrict
shutdown immediate

Bug 7572335 is fixed in 11.2 and with one-off fixes available for and This bug is caused when cursors have been marked as kept in the shared pool, e.g. by using the dbms_shared_pool.keep function on an open query in v$sqlarea.


Search “My Oracle Support” for 153788.1, the first result will be the ORA-600 / ORA-7445 Look-up Tool.

The ORA-600 Error Code is selected by default.
Enter the Error Code First Argument, in this example, “LibraryCacheNotEmptyOnClose”.
Select the Oracle RDBMS Version, in this example, “”.
Click Look-up Error.

A dialog box appears with Document 466425.1 linked. Open this link.

The article states that it is a partially published OERI note. There is a related article (365103.1 ORA-600 [LibraryCacheNotEmptyOnClose] Reported At Shutdown).

Also Known Bugs are listed; 7572335 and 4483084.


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