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What version of Oracle is installed?


It may seem like a strange thing for a DBA to have to find out as the assumption may be that the DBA already knows or can recall all the instances and version numbers installed instantly from memory, but if one needed to find out the version of Oracle and any installed options, this may be helpful.

  • Open a session on the Solaris server (use Telnet or Putty).
  • Connect to SQLPLUS – sqlplus / as sysdba.
  • The information will be displayed, for example:
sqlplus connection

sqlplus connection

We can see that Oracle 10gR2 Enterprise Edition is installed with the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options.

Alternatively, one could use a tool such as Toad or SQL Developer.

  • Connect to the database using Toad.
  • Type SELECT * FROM v$version; (v$version is one of the many system views).
  • Execute the SQL statement.
  • View the results either in Output or Grid:
Toad v$version

Toad v$version

The SELECT * FROM v$version; statement can of course be run from SQLPLUS to view the same information.


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