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Checking services with Powershell


I use this script to check the Oracle services on the list of servers contained in servers.txt. The results are output to ServiceResults.html file.

Listing for checkServices.ps1

$servername = $_
$serviceArray = Get-WmiObject -class Win32_Service -computerName $servername
$temp = @()

$serviceArray foreach {
$serviceinfo = “” select servername, name, startmode, state, status
if (($ -like “*Oracle*”)) {
$serviceinfo.servername = $servername
$ = $
$serviceinfo.startmode = $_.startmode
$serviceinfo.state = $_.state
$serviceinfo.status = $_.status
$temp +=$serviceinfo

I call this script file by the following:
Get-Content C:\PowershellScripts\servers.txt C:\PowershellScripts\checkServices.ps1 convertTo-Html out-file C:\PowershellScripts\ServiceResults.html


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